Caliber: 223 / 5.56
Weight: 14.0 oz
Diameter: 1.625 Inch
Length: 6.5 Inch
Material: Inconel 718 & Stainless Steel

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Details About SRD556-QD

The SRD556-QD is 718 suppressors utilizing fast-attach muzzle devices to mount the rifle’s suppressor. This 5.56mm suppressor comes with a muzzle brake joined in 1/2 “x28tpi to resemble the all-inclusive preponderance of intelligent rifles.

It is 223/5.56 on-demand in the market. The sig srd556qd having remarkable encircles 5.56 suppressors. It works for your gun as an elementary unit. It has a quick-detach feather sig srd 556 and Inconel 718 suppressor. It is made from stainless material. It manufactures to pay strong heavy-duty capacity of long-lasting.

This sig srd556 qd is comparatively brand new to the silencer-making store; its designs and ideas are a hugely phenomenal addition to guns’ accessories.

We offer sig sauer srd556-qd for sale from time to time. It comes in black color and has a PVD finish. It is full-Auto Rated. You can easily buy this product with few clicks from our website. You must love its reliability.

Advantage container with the finish
Shim with lubricant
User manual
1/2 x 28 muzzle brake


It is cooperative with all traditional 90-degree shouldered barrels; when using these tapered barrels, this optimizes adjustment, promoting efficiency and significantly decreasing point-of-impact (POI) time.

Why Buy from Us?

If you buy sig srd556 qd contact with us, we provide high-quality material and fibulas finishing work that supports your refile wonderfully, and you must satisfy with our services. We are providing quick service and available 24 hours.
It is easy to remove moreover heavy carbon build-up. The wrench is automatically releasing the advanced recollection hook with no catch points to carry out.


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