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Single-Shot Shotguns

Get the best single-shot shotgun for the lowest price

Most gun owners can recall how they graduated to large firearms. Children start with BB guns to learn the elements of safety and marksmanship. Next comes a .22 rifle that is a little more powerful and suitable for small game like rabbits. The first step they take to greater things is usually a single-shot shotgun. Newbies can finally do some serious hunting with these, shooting rabbits, squirrels, grouse, and other critters. Depending on the gun, you can even get deer and feral hogs. But it all starts with a good single shot.

Why choose a single-shot shotgun?

This weapon is not just for beginners, though. It’s also deadly in the hands of an experienced hunter. Yet its key features are all about:
Reliability. The single-shot can be depended on to work every time. It’s the closest thing to a fire-and-forget weapon you will ever find.
Ease of use. Operation is simple, which is why it’s a good weapon for kids and novice shooters. You break it open, load, and fire.
Maintenance. Our single-shot shotguns are cheap and easy to clean. Simply break open the action and clean out the bore and the firing pin.
Versatility. Single-shots operate on a hinge-and-lock system, meaning it’s easy to change the barrel. Also, they can be used for a variety of game animals, big or small.
Appearance. The design of these firearms always brings on a wave of pleasant nostalgia, especially if it has a wooden stock. Nothing is more beautiful than a break-action shotgun.

Single-shot shotgun prices that beat the competition

These weapons don’t have a lot of moving parts. The simplicity of the design means that single-shot shotgun manufacturers sell their products for low prices. They are ideal for people on a budget, especially when they come to our store.

We grow in popularity every day. The reason why we’re successful is that we are oriented toward customers, not profits. That is why we offer you a plethora of benefits you will not find anywhere else.

One of those is access to qualified firearms instructors. Every person on our team knows shotguns, making sure novices and experienced shooters alike benefit from our training sessions. All of our instructors are certified, and the classes are held in a fun and safe training environment. Besides, those interested in our single shot-shotguns for sale also enjoy secure transactions, fast delivery, and significant discounts.

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