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Lever-Action Rifles

Lever action rifles – Are they still worth buying?

Anyone who has watched a Western has seen this kind of rifle. Lever action rifles were prevalent throughout the late 19th Century as they phased out muskets and muzzleloading rifles. They remain commonplace to this day, but with highly accurate bolt action rifles and semi-autos, are they still worth buying? We think they are, and we have listed several reasons why they are worth purchasing.

Five reasons to buy a lever action rifle from Premium Gun Deals

This type of rifle is among the most sought-after weapons on the market. People choose to buy it for a variety of reasons. However, the primary ones are the following:
Speed. When reloading, the lever is extended and retracted, which is a faster motion than working the action of a bolt action rifle. Also, because of the location of the lever, the shooter can more easily keep the muzzle pointed downrange as he or she reloads.
Reliability. As with a bolt action rifle, there are fewer moving parts, meaning that there is less chance of the rifle misfiring. Also, there is little chance for it to jam because it loads manually, not automatically.
Magazine capacity. These rifles use a tube magazine located beneath the barrel. The tube magazine can hold more rounds than the ejectable magazines that come with bolt action rifles.
Trigger pull. The trigger pull of a lever-action rifle is smooth and short. The ease with which you can pull the trigger allows for more accurate and comfortable shooting.
Perfectly sized. Lever action hunting rifles are perfectly sized for stalk hunting in the bush, especially in places with dense foliage and undergrowth. The rifle’s relatively short muzzle is less likely to get caught on something when it is time to shoot.
A common complaint about lever actions is that their rounds are not powerful enough to bring down big game. This argument is far from the truth. While this rifle might not bring down a bear, hunters regularly use it to bring down feral hogs, whitetail deer, and predators.

We are here to help you find the best lever action rifle

Our store has everything a shopper could want. If you want a lever-action rifle, we have models from Henry and Marlin chambered for everything from .22 LR to .45-70 and more. Our expert staff has a lot of experience helping gun owners find the right weapon. Let us know what you want to do with your rifle, and we will set you up with the caliber for the job.

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