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Centerfire Pistols

Reinforce your defense with our centerfire pistols for sale

You can either go big or go home when it comes to self-defense handguns. If someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night, a wooden stick or a metal rod may not help you. It would be best if you have something you can point and shoot. A centerfire pistol is an ideal choice in such a stalemate. All you need to avoid harassment and assault is to find a reliable supplier of weapons you can fully trust.

Premium Gun Deals is a reputed dealer of firearms and ammunition, along with reloading kits and bullet feeders. Thanks to our massive inventory, we sell all our products at much lower prices than our competitors. You can rely on us for all your firearm needs, whether as a primary or secondary weapon option.

Opt for the best centerfire pistols with excellent reliability

Lugers (9mm) are the most popular pistols across the globe. They’re known for outstanding accuracy and durability. There are thousands of options available on the market. However, if you are looking to buy centerfire pistols online without spending a fortune, we have narrowed down some of the best alternatives:
Beretta APX. With an open slide design and safety lever, the Beretta 92 model is considered to be one of the most popular pistols on the market. Feed jamming is almost impossible with this variant, while the standard capacity is around 15-17 rounds.
GLOCK G19. One of the best-selling pistols in America, Glock 19, is compact for a concealed carry. It features interchangeable backstraps, superior ergonomics, and flared magazine wells for quicker reloads.
SIG Sauer P320. These pistols are of the premium segment. Buying them, you will certainly get what you pay for. The overall quality of build, coupled with accuracy, offers a great weapon for almost any need.
Walther P22. This striker-fired handgun is one of the most exceptional centerfire pistols on the market. It features a consistent trigger, along with excellent ergonomics.

There are plenty of other options you can find at our online store. All you need is a valid government ID and related paperwork to get started.

Buy centerfire pistols at a fraction of a cost

At the Premium Gun Deals store, we have a strong belief that any willing individual should have easy access to firearms with convenience and authority. We have made this possible with the online sale of centerfire pistols across the States. Our experienced team members will be glad to assist you in making the right purchase. Furthermore, we have expert trainers to help you get familiar with a new weapon.
Our team is always on standby to attend to your queries, and you can contact us at your convenience to discuss all the details.

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